Parents who are concerned about their child's academic performance may seek additional help in the form of a private tutor. Tutors may also be employed by parents who choose home schooling for their children. If you possess a teaching background or have expertise in specific subject areas, becoming a tutor is a way for you to start your own small business.



Tutoring allows you to apply your teaching skills in a more relaxed atmosphere than a classroom setting. Sessions can take place virtually anywhere, such as in your home, the home of the student or at a public library. Parents may make use of tutors not only to help their children who are weak in certain subjects, but to give them an edge by helping them become better prepared for college.



Tutoring allows you to experience the rewards of helping students learn on a one-on-one basis, as opposed to classroom teaching where you may not have the time to work with students individually. You'll also have some flexibility in setting your schedule, although you'll typically need to work evenings and weekends when students are not in class. Tutoring is a low-cost business to start, as students supply most of the materials, such as textbooks.



You can use a number of methods to find students to tutor. Prepare a resume that lists the subjects you wish to teach as well as your teaching qualifications. Stop by schools you're interested in and inquire about their tutoring needs. If you know any school teachers, touch base with them to see if they have any students who may need assistance. Network with parents in your neighborhood or at gatherings like PTA meetings.



You need no specific qualifications to become a private tutor, although you can expect that most parents would like you to possess at least a four-year college degree. Practical experience can also be helpful, such as using your real-world business experience to tutor a student taking a high school business class. If you don't want to tutor on a full-time basis, you can start a part-time tutoring business to supplement your income.



As a private tutor, you will determine the rates that you charge. According to the Math and Reading Help website, typical rates range from $15 to $50 per hour. If you tutored 20 hours per week at $25 per hour for 36 weeks per year (the approximate length of the average school year), for example, your annual income would be $18,000.

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