Many easy-to-start businesses do not require a specialized education or skill set. They take very little planning or preparation. You can open an easy-to-start business from home in your spare time and still maintain a full-time job. Easy-to-start businesses are cost-effective and can open on a shoestring budget.

Published on: 6/4/21, 5:55 AM

In areas that have a solid tourism industry, a bicycle rental business can be a profitable venture. Keep in mind that this type of business is very seasonal in nature and that your business may be adversely impacted by weather patterns and many other factors. Costs for starting up a bike rental shop are relatively low and generally you will not need to hire many employees to get your business off the ground and running.

Published on: 6/4/21, 5:54 AM

If you want to let all of your Facebook friends and family know you are at home, you can "check in" your location. Checking in gives friends the exact location where you are in a status update that is viewable in their News Feed. When you check in, you can opt to select a nearby location or add your home as a location. You can even tag other friends who are with you at home in your status update.

Published on: 6/4/21, 5:53 AM

If you love to bake and have a creative spirit, a customized cake baking business combines both passions. Birthday cakes today take on many forms. Any shape you can imagine can be sculpted into a cake. Television shows such as TLC's "Cake Boss" and Food Network's "Ace of Cakes" offer a glimpse into what types of birthday cakes are available. Whether you offer simple cakes or towering masterpieces, customized birthday cakes offer flexibility for your home bakery business.

Published on: 6/4/21, 5:53 AM

Working from home has many advantages. People have more control over what hours they work, as well as more independence than those who work for an employer. While it's not for everybody, people who have the discipline and desire can create a successful home business. Some types of work are especially suitable for home-based businesses.

Published on: 6/4/21, 5:41 AM

As computers become more important to American businesses, the service industry growing up around computers is becoming a tempting place for entrepreneurs to start their own business. While businesses rely heavily on computers, it is not cost-effective for a small business to have a computer technician on the payroll, according to the computer experts at IT World. Determine the best way to start a computer repair business, and then take advantage of a growing part of the service industry.

Published on: 6/4/21, 5:36 AM

It's convenient to work from home. If you're starting a food service business, you can accomplish this by building a separate licensed kitchen in addition to your residential kitchen, or you can license your home kitchen under the cottage kitchen laws that are on the books in many states. The latter option is much simpler, but it severely limits the products you can make and sell, as well as the volume you can produce. Adding a commercial kitchen to your home opens a world of possibilities and lets you keep your home kitchen available for feeding family and friends.

Published on: 6/4/21, 5:35 AM

Parents who are concerned about their child's academic performance may seek additional help in the form of a private tutor. Tutors may also be employed by parents who choose home schooling for their children. If you possess a teaching background or have expertise in specific subject areas, becoming a tutor is a way for you to start your own small business.

Published on: 6/4/21, 5:35 AM

If you find yourself spending more time at the office than you'd like or you're feeling "burned out," you're probably not maintaining a healthy work/life balance. If you're employed by a small business, you may be able to negotiate an arrangement with the owner for a more a more suitable work schedule. Small business owners can also benefit by having a happier, more productive employee.

Published on: 6/4/21, 5:34 AM

As a baby sitter who provides child-care services in return for compensation, you can deduct certain expenses that are aligned with the daily operations of your business. Whether you provide baby-sitting services in your home or travel to other locations, you will incur certain expenses that are incidental to carrying out your daily work responsibilities.

Published on: 6/4/21, 5:34 AM