It may be your dream to stay home, run a home-based business and make money online. What may be stopping you is that you don’t know where to start. With a little research and upfront work on your part, you can find an online business you can run from your home and make money at the same time.

Published on: 7/12/21, 4:22 AM

Artists need not starve for their passion. With the Internet, outdoor shows and brick-and-mortar locations, more avenues are available than ever for creative entrepreneurs to sell their work. However, selling art is extremely competitive, forcing artisans to produce quality and beautiful work that is priced competitively. To successfully sell your wares, crunch the numbers and build your business slowly, creating sales in low-cost venues before moving on to bigger arenas.

Published on: 7/12/21, 4:20 AM

Many people dream of working from home. The dream may be because you want to create more of a work life balance, be your own boss or be in control of your own destiny. Whatever your reason for wanting to create an at-home business, you also want to make sure that you’re starting your business off on the right foot—legally and ready to start making money.

Published on: 7/12/21, 4:20 AM

If you know you've got what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur but are concerned about startup costs, opening a business from home can be a great option. Not only do home-based businesses reduce operations costs, but they allow you a flexible schedule and even the ability to do what you love for a living.

Published on: 7/12/21, 4:19 AM

Many people dream of making a living as a musician, painter, writer or other creative artist. But getting paid for your artistic work can present a hurdle, especially when you’re working on your own, without the benefit of a big promotional agency, gallery or publisher. Independent artists must think like any self-employed business person, finding new markets for their work and using all their connections to get the word out about their creations.

Published on: 7/12/21, 4:18 AM

A home-based virtual assistant provides support services to business people and companies. If you start this type of business, you will work virtually, which means you may use the Internet, telephone, fax and other tools to provide administrative support and other services to your clients. In fact, you may provide a wide range of valuable services without ever being in the same room with your clients. Virtual assisting can be a lucrative business, and the hardest part of it may be just getting started.

Published on: 7/12/21, 4:18 AM

If you have a passion for accessories, a purse business can a good endeavor. When undertaking a new business venture you need to decide on a budget and work it into a business plan. Contact your local government office to find out more information on business licenses that will need to be filed. For instance, in Houston you can contact the City of Houston "One Stop Business Center" to pick up a packet on starting a business. There is profitability in running a successful purse business.

Published on: 7/12/21, 4:17 AM

Many successful small businesses start out as hobbies that eventually become profitable endeavors. If you've got a knack for photography, you might opt to work as a part-time freelancer or special events photographer, or you might open your own full-scale photo business. Consider what you need to get started. An investment in good quality equipment and key marketing products is vital to getting yourself established as a professional.

Published on: 7/12/21, 4:16 AM

If you're looking for ways to earn additional income or perhaps even start a small business, you don't have to invest a lot of money or learn a new skill. By implementing one of many free money-making ideas, you can generate income in a relatively easy way. Ideas can include putting your skills to use, performing services in your neighborhood or selling merchandise you already own, to name a few.

Published on: 7/12/21, 4:16 AM

Business owners who want to back up their Rhapsody music files or save space on a computer can easily transfer files to a portable device, such as a memory card. Provided you have a Rhapsody Premier, Premier Plus or To Go subscription, you can take your songs with you.

Published on: 7/12/21, 4:15 AM