How to Build an Amazon Business

If you are an enterprising person who enjoys working for yourself and you have items to sell, the Amazon Marketplace may be a good place to start. Building an Amazon business can help cut costs from brick and mortar fees, and Amazon already attracts traffic without you having to do that. You can open a "Free" account where you pay a fee per sale, or a "Pro Merchant" account where you pay a monthly fee and can sell more than 40 items. Growing your business takes a great, competitive product and excellent customer service.



Launch your computer's Web browser and navigate to Amazon's "Sell Your Stuff" page.



Click "Locate the Item You'd Like to Sell" and click "Select Product Category." Click the category that matches your items and click "Start Selling." This will list all the products similar to or within your category. Click "Sell Yours Here" next to the exact product you plan to sell. This will also launch your merchant account application.



List your contact information and bank routing information to receive payments within the merchant account application. You can also click "Sell Professionally" and click "Start Selling" to open a "Pro Merchant" account if you are selling over 40 items. At the time of publication, the cost to open a "Pro Merchant" account is $39.99 monthly. Click "Continue" once you have filled out your contact and bank and/or credit card information.



Click "View Orders" to check any orders placed for your products. Click the "Order Number" link to view the customer's shipping address and to set up your items for shipping. Contact your buyer once your order has been shipped.



Keep your prices competitive by studying the prices of your direct competition. Ship your items in a timely fashion and promote your products through online advertising to help grow your Amazon business.

Published on: 7/12/21, 4:38 AM