The Internet has made it possible to make money in ways once thought impossible. From online auctions to virtual concierge services, entrepreneurs now have a host of ways to supplement their incomes or even replace their full-time jobs. Focusing on what you love to do and what you are good at can help you thrive in the online world.



Online auctions like eBay can be a gold mine for savvy business owners. Focusing on a niche where you are already an expert is one of the best ways to tap the power of this worldwide marketplace. Experienced fishermen can tie their own custom flies and sell them on eBay, while sports enthusiasts can collect barely-used exercise equipment at yard sales and flea markets, then turn around and sell those items for a profit online. Craftspeople and artists can test the waters at eBay, while branching out to specialty sites like as well.


Virtual Concierge

Businesspeople and VIPs from around the world need assistants, but the Internet means those assistants no longer have to be in the same office as their bosses. Virtual concierge services like allow experienced executive assistants, secretaries and others to find job opportunities around the world.



Computer programming lends itself particularly well to online work. Code is code, whether the programmer is in the cubicle next door or halfway around the world. Sites like and allow programmers, database administrators and other computer professionals to connect with individuals and business owners who need programming and web development services.


Free-Lance Writing

If you are a good writer, with a solid command of the English language and strong grammar and proofreading skills, you might be able to make a good living as a free-lancer. Free-lance writing sites like Demand Studios, Constant-Content and Associated Content allow writers to sell their wares to website owners, magazine editors and other major markets.

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