As computers become more important to American businesses, the service industry growing up around computers is becoming a tempting place for entrepreneurs to start their own business. While businesses rely heavily on computers, it is not cost-effective for a small business to have a computer technician on the payroll, according to the computer experts at IT World. Determine the best way to start a computer repair business, and then take advantage of a growing part of the service industry.



Gain experience, and a professional reputation, by working a job as a repair tech for an existing computer repair company. Offer to repair friends and family members computers as well. Encourage the people you do work for to mention what you do to others. Working for another company not only helps you gain important repair experience, it also helps you to understand how to run a computer repair business. When you feel you are ready to open your own business, you can strike out on your own.



Analyze the competition in the area to find out what they are charging per hour. Base your per hour cost on what the competition is doing. Do not set a starting hourly rate or a special low rate to try and get new business, according to IT World. When you charge a low rate to undercut your competition, you will have to work significantly more hours just to break even and your clients will expect that low rate permanently. Start with a rate that is in the same area as your competition to look and be competitive.



Use your experience in repairing computers to determine what kind of customer you would like to target. If you feel more comfortable with residential clients, then develop your business to cater that audience by offering evening and weekend hours. Commercial clients will require regular business hours, and you will need to have experience repairing networks as well.



Find a location for your business. You will want some sort of easily accessible store front where people can drop off and pick up equipment, where you can sell equipment for additional income and where clients can come and discuss business with you. Your business will look more professional if you invest in renting a store front space.



Create a promotional flier and business cards designed to reach your target audience. Begin distributing your fliers by going door-to-door to homes or businesses, asking permission to hand them out at civic functions or mail them to homes. Before going door-to-door, check with the city or town hall to see if you will need a solicitor's permit.

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